Class Inequality

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  • Class and inequality
    • Ope rationalise class
      • definitions are different for govs and theories
      • Data is difficult to gather and sometime the government does not gather such information (e.g. crime statistics)
      • specific common interest - economic interest, life change and position in the labour market
      • dominant property = owning commercial class
      • middle class professional people - owners of small business and companies
      • Working class - work with hands
      • economy significant in determining our class
      • life changes = some group of people have opp(status)
      • inequality = struggle for social power
    • Functionalist
      • Tend to see social stratification system (social mobility for those who want to better themselves) implies that the poor deserve it as failed to improve
        • Highest paid people are of least value (celebs) / inherited wealth is not based on meritocracy / Marx say meritocracy is myth / inequalities of gender, race and physical ability that can hold people back
    • Marxism
      • marx view 2 social groups that identified (bourgeoisie = own wealth etc and proprietary = wage slaves) the state makes and enforces law to protect wealthy also ideology = creation and control ideas through media,education (creates false consciousness)
        • still relevant in society to see political bias against / mainstream media / over simplistic view of class / ignores other areas BUT can explain by reverse labour force
    • Weberan
      • more than economical relationships, control social power (wealth, looks, knowledge - desirable but limited.
        • DAHL = everyone has chance of influencing decisions in society BUT group wins debates has power, concept of status PARKIN = social closure process those who have power can deny alternative group to earn money
    • Feminism
      • LIB = look at economic exploitation and see both gender denied opp RAD = DWORKIN that women form gender class MARX = Marxist ideas but emphasis on economy
        • 1st and 2nd wave by confortable middle class - didn't look at W.C / intersectionality is overlap of disadvantage (age,gender,class) / modern now set economic demands for all classes
    • Postmodernism
      • class no longer significant - talk about groups not class PAKUISKI = dead concept to access to economic resources, power and prestige (webers theory)
        • Not useful to real divisions between people of different social- class backgrounds / stat evidence shows class really matters in regard to employment, culture, underclass, prison and education
    • New Right
      • class division natural for society and result of people SAUNDERS = "consumption cleavage" class position depends on amount of reliance any individual. MURRAY = underclass = welfare dependent and lazy, criminal and in cycle of deprivation
        • stat evidence with different values (underclass) from rest of society / Ignores structural factors in cause of poverty / trickle down economic model worked then why is the gap between rich and poor.


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