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le statut matrimonial
maritial status
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etre célibataire
to be single
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a widower/widow
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vivre en concubignage
to live together
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le conjoint
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le compagnon
male partner
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la compagne
female partner
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se fiancer avec qqn
to get engaged to
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épouser qqn/se marier avec qqn
to marry
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le mariage civil
civil marriage
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le mariage religieux
church wedding
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les beaux parents
parents in law
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le beau père
father in law
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la belle mère
mother in law
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le beau frère
brother in law
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la belle soeur
sister in law
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le gendre
son in law
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la belle fille
daughter in law
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se séparer
to separate from each other
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etre enfant unique
to be an only child
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avoir un frère/une soeur aine (e)
to have an older brother/ sister
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avoir un frère/une soeur cadet (te)
to have a younger brother/sister
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etre i' ainé (e)
to be the oldest sibling
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etre le cadet /la cadette
to be the youngest sibling
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atteindre la majorité
to reach the age of 18
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Card 2


to be single


etre célibataire

Card 3


a widower/widow


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Card 4


to live together


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