Unit 3: the world of work

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  • Unit 3: the world of work
  • Right Wing candidate Francois Fillon wanted to stop the 35 hour work week, but over 60% of employees did not want this to happen, showing a positive attitude towards the policy.
  • The 35 hour work week allows employees to become more productive at work while they spend more time at home with their families - increasing happiness in workers.
  • France gives women 16 weeks of paid leave after having a child and money to support them. Children go to school at 3 so mothers can return to work.
  • According to Statista in 2017, only 56% of French women believed their partners involvement in domestic tasks was sufficient.
  • It is important to share domestic tasks as they live together, so they should do household tasks equally. This would help women, who do a lot of household work.
  • It is possible to be a good mother and have a career in France, as childcare options are very good. However, employers still discriminate against women who are of childbearing age.
  • To be a woman at home is positive but if you have been discriminated against or forced to stay at home it is negative. It is important that a woman has the right to choose.
  • France have a number of laws to have equality in the workplace. For example, La loi pour l'egalite reelle entre les femmes et les homies de 2014 for professional equality.
  • In 2017 President Emmanuel Macron introduced a new Code du Travail which caused protests of over 200,000 on the streets as people believed it "gave full power to employers".
  • France is ranked 34th of 65 countries for work-life balance, suggesting they are better than the UK, but still only adequate.
  • Right to strike is written in their constitution, and is therefore a human right that they feel is important to exercise.
  • Teletravail allows French workers independence and choice over time and location of their work. This was especially important for safety of the French people during the coronavirus.


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