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1. What is inherent properties?

  • such as the gender of a noun, that must be accessed by agreement rules, such as French or German
  • belong to an entire syntactic phrase but morphologically realised in one of the words
  • determined by the place occupied by a word in a syntactic configuration, that is, its position and function as a constituent of a phrase, or some other syntactic structure
  • determined by the characteristics of another word/s in the same construction
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2. Do affixes belonging to stratum 1 affect the stress of the base?

  • yes
  • no

3. Is stratum 2 neutral or non-neutral?

  • neutral
  • non-neutral

4. Are weak boundaries stratum 1 or stratum 2?

  • stratum 1
  • stratum 2

5. What does derivational morphology deal with?

  • new lexical items
  • syntactically determined affixation word-formation


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