The Polis

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    • 1
      • Independent political unit consisting of villages and populated areas, e.g. a town or capital city
        • Capital city 'acts as the unit for political purposes' - Bruit Zaidman and Schmitt
    • 2
      • 'A state of mind' - Wickersham and Pozzi
        • An understanding of what comprises a polis, take into account  different orders of society and relations between citizens
        • Major threat = 'stasis'
          • Civil strife, political division, internal war
            • Polis had little defence against
    • 3
      • The whole greek world was something of an abstraction
      • Pan-Hellenic = representing all people of Greek origin or ancestry.
      • What if anything was the source of Pan-Hellenic?
        • greek language different from Barbarians
      • Pan-Hellenic event: the olympic games for example


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