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2. What was the Dawes Plan?

  • A plan to try and help the Germans to pay the reparations.
  • to provide american loans
  • to increase germanys reparations

3. When was the Treaty of Versailles signed?

  • 10th June 1919
  • 28th June 1919
  • 6th January 1919

4. When was the Kapp Putsch

  • March 1920
  • April 1920
  • March 1919

5. What was the Locarno Treaties?

  • Accepting the boundaries of Western Europe created by the Treaty of Versaille
  • talk about your problems and everyone would try and help you out
  • You shall not use war against each other




Good quiz :)

though I could've sworn that the League of Nations was created in 1920...

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