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what behaviour did Milgram want to study
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what influenced this research
the holocaust- why so many Germans supported Hitler
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How many people were in Milgram's study
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what did they think they were participating in
a memory test
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who was the sample
men between the age of 20-50 with jobs ranging from unskilled to skille
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You know the procedure
i won't waste your incredible intellect
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what range did the shocks go to/from
15V to 450V
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what happened at 300V
learner pounded on the wall
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when did the learner stop giving responses
after 315V
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what prompts did the experimenter use on the pp
1. please continue 2. the experiement requires you to cntinue 3. it is essential you continue 4. you have no other choice
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when would the experimenter use these prompts
when the pp turned to them for guidance
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how many pp stopped below 300V
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how many stopped at 300V
five participants
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was % continued all the way to 450V
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what qualitative data did he obsrve
signs of extreme tension - sweating, biting nails, trembling, one had a seizure
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what happened after the study
p debreifed - 84% glad to have participatd
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1. Why doe the study have low internal validity
argue that pp didn't think the shocks were real so they behaved more freely
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who's research supports this
Gina Perry
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how does Perry's research support this
she listened to tapes of Milgram's pp and reported many expressed doubts about the shocks
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Although who's research contradicts this
Sheridan and King
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what did they do
conducted a simlar experiment but on a puppy
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what did they find
54% of males and 100% of females delievered what they believed was a fatal shock
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2. why does the study have high internal validity
the lab environment accurately reflects wider authority relationsips in real life
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how does other research support this
Hofling studied nurses on a hospital ward and foun 21/22 obeyed unjustified demands from a doctor
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why does this add value to milgram
his findings tell us bout obedience in real life
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who's replication supports Milgram
the game of death
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what did pp have to do
give (fake) electric shocks to other pp (actors)
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how many delievered the maximum shock
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what behaviour was observed
similarly to Milgram - anxious laughing, nil biting, anxiety
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what does this therefore support
Milgram's original conclusions about obedience to authority
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4. what is an alternative explanation to Milgram's findings
social identity theory
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what does social identity theory suggest
the key to obedience lies in identification
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what impact does this have on Milgram
suggests the pp identified with the experimentor as a scientists - so when the 3 prompts refere to the importance of the science, they were effectiv. Howver, the 4th linked not to the science but the xperimentors authority therefore they identified w
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why does this undermine milgram
suggests obedience isn't a result of authority but identification
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what influenced this research


the holocaust- why so many Germans supported Hitler

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How many people were in Milgram's study


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what did they think they were participating in


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who was the sample


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