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2. Which of the following is NOT a plasmodium which can cause malaria?

  • Plasmodium vivax
  • Plasmodium malariae
  • Plasmodium falciparum
  • Plasmodium falvivax
  • Plasmodium ovale

3. Which of the following does NOT apply to the lysogenic cycle in viruses?

  • Can be activated by stress multiplying
  • The viral DNA replicates when the host cell divides
  • The host cell is killed by the virus
  • Viral DNA is incorporated into the host's genome
  • No virus particles are produced

4. What is the name of a microbe that requires salt to grow?

  • Halotolerant
  • Halophile
  • Non-halophile
  • Xerophile
  • Extreme halophile

5. What is the optimum temperature of a psychrophile? (in degrees C)

  • -10-20
  • 10-50
  • 30-60
  • 40-70
  • 67-110


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