memory evaluations

artificial stimuli - used artificial stimuli than meaningful material no meaning to participants so lacks generalisability to other memory tasks
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lacking validity - conducted a long time ago so lacks good control, some participants may have been distracted
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high external validity - real life memories were studied so higher recall
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multi store model
more than 1 type of STM - patient with amnesia worse recall when asked t recall digits, better when he read digits to himself
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types of LTM
clinical evidence - clive&henry episodic memory severely impaired but procedural and semanti not. Neuroimaging - part. asked to do memory taks whilst in PET scan, pro and sem found in prefrontal cortex. Real life applications
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working memory model
clinical evidence, patient KF - process visual info normally not sounds. supports separate stores. Dual task performance part had more difficulty doing2 visual tasks than visual& verbal - must be separate slave system
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lab studies- 1000s been carried out - shows interferecne is very iikely exp. for forgetting. Artifical materials - use of artificial materials imakes it more likely in the lab than real life
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retrieval failure
supporting evidence - carter/cassiday godden/baddely helps increase validity. Questioning context effect- baddeley, learning in 1 room and recalling in another has no actual effect on forgetting
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EWT - misleading info
real life app. - police should be v careful how they phrase questions can lead to a distorting effect on memory. artifical tasks part watching film clips is v different to watching in real life. individial differences age etc.
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EWT- Anxiety
Weapon focus effect - not relevent e.g. in hairdressers weapin was scissors people were more surprised to see chicken. Field studies, lack control long time beween interview and event could speak to other witnesses.Ethical issues psyhological harm
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Cognitive interview
time consuming -more than a standard police interview. Elements more valuable than others, reporteverytihng and context more effect. ECI support - practical benefits.
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lacking validity - conducted a long time ago so lacks good control, some participants may have been distracted

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multi store model


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types of LTM


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