Types of long term memory essay

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Outline and evaluate types of long term memory (16 marks)

Long term memory is believed to be divided into 3 main types of memory. One of which is episodic memory which stores memories of personal events in our lives. These memories are complex as a single 'episode' (memory) includes several elements such as who was involved, the place, objects etc. These memories are also time-stamped as we are able to recall when they happened in other words we can recall whether it was yesterday or last year. Another feature of episodic memories is that a conscious effort has to be made to recall them.

Another type of long term memory store is semantic memory and it contains our knowledge of the world meaning that it stores facts and concepts. Unlike episodic memories, semantic memories are not time-stamped as we don't usually recall when we learned something. These memories are less personal and it contains an immerse collection of material which is constantly being added to.

Furthermore, proceudral memory is another long term memory store, it is our memory for actions and skills in other words, how we do things. These memories are recalled without conscious awareness. For example we know how to ride a bike without having to recall how, we move our legs on the pedals without…


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