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When homologous pairs line up next to eachother they form a....
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Crossing over occurs in...
Prophase I
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The points at which the chromatids cross over are called...
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How many phases of meiosis are there?
2 - Meiosis I and Meiosis II
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What does meiosis produce?
4 halpoid daughter cells - gametes
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Why does meiosis only produce haploid cells?
Because when the gametes fuse during fertilisation the zygote produced will be diploid and have the correct number of chromosomes
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How many chromosomes should human cells have?
46 - 23 pairs
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What would an XY chromosome pairing indicate?
XY = male, ** = female
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In prophase II, what process does NOT occur that happened in prophase I?
Crossing over
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If there is a short interphase between meiosis I and II, then _______ does not occur.
DNA replication: there is no 'S' phase
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Meiosis occurs to produce what kind of cells?
Gametes (sex cells)
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Why does crossing over happen?
To increase genetic variation - mixing genes
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Prophase I


Crossing over occurs in...

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2 - Meiosis I and Meiosis II


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4 halpoid daughter cells - gametes


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