Media keywords

What is a denotation?
the literal or surface meaning of signs
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What is a connotation?
the additional associative meaning that can be bought to a sign outside its literal surface meaning
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What is a icon?
a sign that resembles what it represents
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What is an index?
A sign that works by relationship to the object or concept it refers to eg. ball is indexical of sport
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What is a syntagm?
related to the sequences (writing/imagery) within the text that create meaning
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What is a paradigm?
related to the sets of possible signs that can be used within the that text / classification ( ie genre)
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What is a symbol?
A sign or image if some sort that represents an idea through a metaphor or association eg rose and romance
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What is polysemic?
A sign that has more than one meaning
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what is Anchorage?
The way media language choices combine to attempt to reinforce the producer’s intended meaning
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what is an Archetype?
A universal type of character found in various media texts, eg anti-hero
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what is the BBFC?
British Board of Film Classification – responsible for deciding the age classification and censorship of all films and video content released in the UK.
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what is Bricolage?
When signs or artefacts are borrowed from different styles or genres to create something new.
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what is a Conglomerate?
a large corporation that owns a large number of media companies, such as television, radio, internet, publishing – giving the conglomerate large amounts of power in their market.
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what is Content analysis?
A method of research that provides quantitative data. It generally involves counting the number of times a particular feature appears in a given context – for example, counting the number of men who have speaking roles in a TV programme.
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what is Convergence?
The coming together of technologies and institutions to create a new product or media experience. This is often facilitated by digital technologies that bring together the facility to perform different functions such as internet browsing, playing music, t
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what is Countertype?
A representation that actively seeks to subvert and challenge negative stereotypes usually of a person, group or place.
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what is Decoding?
The process through which an audience interprets a message
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what is Diegetic sound?
Sound that appears to come from the world of the film or TV programme, whether on or off screen.
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what is Enculturation
(from Gerbner)?
How the media is part of the way we learn social and cultural norms.
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what is Enigma?
A question that is not immediately answered which draws the audience into a text.
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what is a sign?
anything that can create meaning
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what is a signifer?
the physical form e.g. letters, icon, sound
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What is a connotation?


the additional associative meaning that can be bought to a sign outside its literal surface meaning

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What is a icon?


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What is an index?


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What is a syntagm?


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