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  • Media keywords
    • Male gaze
      • Sexual images of the female body
    • Gender roles
      • Accepted roles for specific genders
    • Sex roles
      • Biological differences between males and females
    • Active audience
      • Audience involves themselves with the media text
    • Untitled
    • Untitled
    • Passive audience
      • Belief that media products are like a drug: they influence the way which we behave
    • Enigma codes
      • Unanswered questions in the narrative which act as a hook for the audience
    • Action codes
      • An accepted way of doing things
    • Values
      • The belief that something is worthwile
    • Ideologies
      • An accepted way of doing things
    • Audience appeal
      • How the media text grabs and holds the attention of the audience
    • Stereotypes
      • Highly judgemental images of a group of people, which is repeated over and over so many times that it becomes normal
    • Terrestrial
      • Channels available to everybody
    • Non-terrestrial
      • Cable programmes. Additional channels
    • Body facism
      • The media tells us how the human body should look
    • On-demand services
      • We are constantly demanding more from the media


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