Measure for Measure General Knowledge (focus on quotes)

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1. What is the biblical allusion used in this quote: "The tempter, or the tempted, who sins most, ha?"

  • Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden
  • Preparation for death in the Catholic religion where there is a priest to absolve you sins if you truly repent them
  • Where the Ten Commandments says to "not covet"
  • God's will to not fornicate, or have sex before marriage in any circumstances
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2. What does Angel foreshadow when he says to Escalus that: "'Tis one thing to be tempted.../Another thing to fall...When I that censure do so offend,/Let mine own judgement pattern out my death"?

  • That Claudio will be saved as everyone is flawed.
  • His ultimate downfall and the punishment he believes he deserves from it.
  • The ending of the play where the Duke comes back.
  • His lust for Isabella after she appears before him compared to the lust Claudio felt for Julietta.

3. In which speech does the Duke say to Claudio: "Be absolute for death: either death or life/Shall thereby be the sweeter."

  • His trial speech
  • His consolatio speech
  • His soliloquy
  • His persuasion speech

4. Who said that Vienna had "strict statutes" and "most biting laws"?

  • Claudio
  • The Duke
  • Isabella
  • Lucio

5. What is the correct quote?

  • "Then, Isabel live chaste, and brother die:/More than our brother is our chastity."
  • "More than our brother is our chastity:/Then, Isabel live chaste, and brother, die"
  • "More than our brother is our chastity:/ Then brother die, as Isabella live chaste."
  • "Then, Isabella live chaste, and brother die:/More than Claudio is our chastity"


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