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2. Groups form an important part of our identity. What is name of the process whereby a group of similar people discuss ideas causing the average opinion of each member to become more extreme?

  • Group polarisation
  • Social loafing
  • Social compensation
  • Deindividuation

3. Catharsis explains that aggression builds up and demands release, as over-controlled hostility can be dangerous. In which of these scenarios will aggressive impulses not be released, when the person's goals are to make someone else feel their pain?

  • Attacking something you are angry at
  • Hitting a pillow
  • Through playing a violent video game
  • Dreaming of hitting someone

4. Which of these statements about altruism is false?

  • Product of empathy
  • Driven by egoistic goals
  • Hard to achieve true altruism
  • Involve helping others for the purpose of enhancing their welfare

5. Which of these factors does not determine whether one makes a personal or situational attribution?

  • Consensus
  • Consistency
  • Frequency
  • Distinctiveness


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