MB1 - Social Thinking

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1. We help other people in hope that they will help us or someone we are related to, helping our genetics to survive. What type of inter-personal dynamic is this?

  • Norm of reciprocity
  • Reciprocal altruism
  • Kin selection
  • Norm of social responsibility
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2. What is a mental set?

  • Readiness to perceive stimuli in a certain way
  • Information we obtain first has the biggest effect on impressions
  • Labelling and evaluating assumptions associated with the label
  • Expectations towards a person can cause the person to behave in a way that confirms expectations

3. What is the five-step bystander intervention process?

  • Vested interest - Responsibility - Emergency - Self-efficacy - Cost-benefit
  • Notice - Emergency - Responsibility - Self-efficacy - Decision
  • Vested interest - Responsibility - Emergency - Self-efficacy -Decision
  • Notice - Responsibility - Self-efficacy - Cost-benefit - Decision

4. Which of these is not a psychological cause of aggression?

  • Empathy
  • Self-justification
  • Frustration
  • Attribution of intentionality

5. Stereotypes are often resistant to change. How can we explain why this occurs?

  • Neither social identity or realistic conflict theory
  • Social identity and realistic conflict theory
  • Realistic conflict theory
  • Social identity theory


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