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What are the characteristics of organisms?
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Movement characteristic?
action of muscles in animals & growth in plants
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Respiration characteristic?
get energy from food
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Sensitivity characteristic?
sensitive to changes in surroundings
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Control characteristic?
of internal conditions (of body)
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Nutrition characteristic?
Make own food (plants) or eat other organisms (animals)
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Excretion characteristic?
Get rid of toxic waste products
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Reproduction characteristic?
production of offspring
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Growth characteristic?
irreversible increase in size and mass using material from food
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Two examples of excretion?
Removing CO2 when breathing out/ urinating
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What is NOT excretion?
Getting rid of faeces
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All living organisms are composed of ---------?
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Simplest organisms, made of one cell are --------?
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Complex organisms, made of millions of diff. cells are ---------?
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Functions of the nucleus?
controls activity of cell/ chromosomes=genes (determine proteins made) / largest organelle
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Where is the nucleus found?
In both animal and plant cells
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Cell membrane functions?
controls substances in and out of cell/ partially permeable/ fat soluoble substances pass more easily through that water soluble
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Where is cell membrane found?
Animal and plant cells
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Cytoplasm functions?
ENzymes (control chemical reactions in cell) / jelly texture
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Where is cytoplasm found?
animal and plant cells
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Mitochondria functions?
carry out respirations/most energy from respiration released in Mitochondrion/ found in energy cells in cytoplasm e/g muscle
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Where are mitochondria found?
Plant and animal cells.
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Cellulose cell wall functions?
Supports plant cell-gives fairly fixed shape/ freely permiable
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Where is cell wall found?
In plant cells
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Large permanent vacuole functions?
Central space containing cell sap
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What is cell sap made of?
Watery liquid containing sugars and mineral ions
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Where is vacuole found?
Plant cells
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Chloroplast functions?
COntains chlorophyll-absorbs light energy so plant makes glucose in photosynthesis
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Where are chloroplasts found?
In plant cells
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What are specialised cells?
As we develop cells become specialised to carry out one particular function
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Examples of specialised cells?
Nerve cells /muscle cells/ leaf palisade cells
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Tissues in humans?
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Muscle tissue
contracts and relaxes to bring about movement
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Skeletal tissue
Provides support, 'movement', structure and protection
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Connective tissue
Binds and connects tissues
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Vascular tissue
carries oxygen and foodstuff around the body
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Epithelial tissue
Lines tubes and spaces in body
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Nervous tissue
transmits and co-ordinates information
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What to gathered cells form
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Tissues gathered together make.....?
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Organs gathered together make......?
organ systems
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Systems in humans?
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Digestive system
Passes food through body and processes it
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organs in digestive system
stomahc, intestives,pancreas,liver
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Respiratory system?
Exchanges oxygen and CO2
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Organs in respiratory system?
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Circulatory system?
transports materials around body
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Endocrine system?
Produces and spreads away hormones/ chemical messenger
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Nervous system?
Co-ordinates body actions
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Excretory system?
Filters toxic waste materials from blood
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REproduction system?
allowing development of embyo
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organs in circulatory system?
heart, blood and blood vessels
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Organs in endocrine system?
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organs in nervous system?
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organs in excretory system?
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organs in reproduction system?
ovaries,testes, uterus,penis
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How are multi-cellulart organisms arranged?
organelles->cells->tissues->organs-> organs systems
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The six kingdoms?
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Movement characteristic?


action of muscles in animals & growth in plants

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Respiration characteristic?


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Sensitivity characteristic?


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Control characteristic?


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