IGCSE Biology

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  • Characteristics of Living organisms
    • Nutrition
      • Living organisms need nutrients to give them the energy and materials needed for growth and repair.
    • Respiration
      • Organisms release energy from their food through respiration.
    • Excretion
      • Waste products in the body like carbon dioxide and urine have to be removed. This is called excretion.
    • Response to their surroundings
      • Living organisms can respond to changes in their surroundings.
    • Movement
      • Organisms move towards food and water and away from danger like predators. Even plants move a bit.
    • Homeostasis
      • Homeostasis is the control of internal conditions such as temperature and water content.
    • Reproduction
      • Organisms produce offspring in order for their species to survive.
    • Growth
      • All organisms grow and develop into their adult form.


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