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2. what is the process called when calcium carbonate is broken down by heat ?

  • catalyst
  • electrolosis
  • thermal decomposition
  • combustion

3. how do you make calcium oxide ?

  • carbon dioxide heat >carbon oxide + calcium carbonate
  • calcium carbonate heat> calcium oxide + carbon dioxide
  • calcium oxide heat> calcium carbonate + carbon doixide
  • carbon dioxid+ calcium carbonate heat> calcium oxide

4. how do you make calcium hydroxide ?

  • calcuim oxide + greese> calcium hydroxie
  • calcium hydroxide + calcium oxide> water
  • calcium oxide + water >calcium hydroxide
  • water + calcium hydroxide> calcium oxide

5. what is the cycle order of limestone ?

  • quick lime> slack lime> limetone
  • limestone> quicklime> slack lime
  • limestone> slack lime> quick lime
  • slack lime> quick lime> limestone


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