Extracting Limestone

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Extracting Limestone


  • Limestone quarries provide many jobs for people in the local area
  • Much of the limestone goes to cement factories which are often found near the quarry
  • After the limestone has been used up the quarries could be filled u with water and used as a reservoir or lleisure activities.
  • The remaining crater could be used as landfill site for household rubbish before eventually covering with soild and replanting


  • Dust
  • Blasting makes a very loud noice and can scare off wildlife and disturb local residents.
  • The limestone is removed using machinery and taken in giant lorries to be processed
  • Spoils landscape


1. Limestone is quarried from the ground.2. Explosive charges are used to dislodge limestone from the rock face3. Using explosives to remove the limestone is known as blasting.4. Eventually a huge crater is formed that can be seen from miles away


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