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2. In which case did the defendant stand in the victims garden staring, causing them to apprehend immediate violence (assault)?

  • Chan-Fook (1994)
  • Smith v Chief Superintendent of Woking Police Station (1984
  • London Borough of Harrow v Shah (2000)

3. What is the mens rea of assault?

  • Intention or recklessness
  • Direct intention
  • Recklessness

4. In which case did the defendant, a caretaker, take hold of the hem of a girl's skirt (battery)?

  • Venna (1976)
  • Thomas (1985)
  • Haystead (2000)

5. In which case did the defendant make silent telephone calls, leading to the victim apprehending an immediate application of force (assault)?

  • Ireland (1997)
  • Cunningham (1957)
  • Savage (1991)


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