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Case Name What It Relates To Information
Hill v Baxter (1958) actus reus The court gave examples where a
- act or omission must be voluntary, driver of a vehicle could not be sa
if the D has no control then there's to be doing the act of driving

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wilfully and without reasonable
excuse neglecting to perform his
Miller (1983) A duty which arises because the D A squatter accidently started a fire
has set in motion a chain of events When he realised he left the room
and went to sleep in another room
He did not…

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Malcherek (1981) Chain of causation Switching off a life support machin
- medical intervention (unlikely to when a patient is brain dead does
break the chain) break the chain.
Jordan (1956) Chain of causation Victim stabbed in stomach. He wa
- medical intervention (unlikely to treated in…

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Latimer (1886) Mens rea D aimed a blow with a belt at a m
- transferred malice in a pub after the man had attacke
- D can be guilty if he intended to him. The belt bounced off the ma
commit a similar crime but against a and struck…

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Ireland (1998) Assault D made several silent phone calls
- words are sufficient for an assault 3 diff women. The V may fear the
purpose of the call is to find out if
she's at home to imedietly come t
her home.
Tuberville v Savage (1669) Assault A man put…

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Cutting off a person's hair
amounted to ABH.
DPP v K (1990) Battery D put acid in a hand dryer so that
- actus reus next person to use it would be
- indirect force sprayed by the acid.
- booby trap
Haystead (2000) Battery D caused a child to…

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Dica (2004) GBH D was charged with 6 offences of
- disease can be GBH causing GBH under s.20 of the
Offences Against the Person Act
1861. He had sex with 2 women
when he knew he was HIV pos. bo
women contracted HIV. It was
accepted that this was…


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