Law - Actus Reus

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1. Pre-existing condition: What caused the women to die?

  • Argument, mental exertion and posion
  • Argument, mental exertion and fright
  • Argument, physical exertion and fright
  • Argument, physical exertion and poison
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2. True or false: R v Malcherk & Steel 1981 'turning off life support will never break the chain'

  • True
  • False

3. Your status or position: What didn't the policeman stop in Dytham?

  • A fire
  • A fight
  • A car accident

4. Where there is a duty under a contract to act : Medical cases : What was held in the case of Bland?

  • The doctors were allowed to stop feeding him because it was in the patients best interest.
  • HL refused this request declaring that he would not be immune from prosecution

5. Acceleration principle: what case was this said in? 'If her life was cut short by weeks or months it was just as much murder as it if were cut short by years'

  • Adams 1957
  • Kay v Butterworth
  • R v Blaue 1975
  • Haywood 1908


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