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2. What is the name of the two cases for factual cause

  • Bland 1993 and Pretty 2001
  • R v Cheshire 1991 and R v White 1910
  • Kay v Butterworth and Hill v Baxter 1958
  • R v Adomako 1994 and Miller 1983

3. Voluntary assumed responsibility: What happened in Stone & Dobinson 1977?

  • They were unable to look after their ill sister and she died.
  • Fell asleep with a cigarette lit and set the mattress on fire, he failed to get help.
  • D was a doctor charged with the murder of a terminally ill patient.

4. '_____ ____' is when some crimes are committed if D does a certain act, regardless of the consequence e.g strict liability.

  • Circumstance crimes
  • Conduct crimes
  • Consequence crimes
  • Crimes committed by omission

5. True or false: R v Malcherk & Steel 1981 'turning off life support will never break the chain'

  • True
  • False


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