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2. What is said in Kimsey?

  • If her life were cut short by weeks or months it was just as much murder as if it were cut short by years
  • D's original act makes a more than minimal contribution to the consequence
  • It was only in the most extraordinary and unusual medical cases that medical treatment would break the chain

3. What is the name of the case for circumstance crimes?

  • Haywood 1908
  • Kennedy 2007
  • Winzar 1983
  • Adomako 1994

4. Causation: if the 'but for' test is yes, what does it mean?

  • D is not a factual cause
  • D is a factual cause

5. Voluntary acts: True or False: HL ruled that a voluntary act by v also breaks the chain

  • True
  • False


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