Law - Actus Reus

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1. Actions by medical practitioners: what was held in R v Smith 1959?

  • was guilty as the wounds were still a substantial and operating cause at the time of death.
  • D's original act makes a more than minimal contribution to the consequence
  • It was only in the most extraordinary and unusual medical cases that medical treatment would break the chain
  • If her life were cut short by weeks or months it was just as much murder as if it were cut short by years
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2. What is the case for 'Dangerous situation caused by the D & D failed to put it right?

  • Miller 1983
  • Stone & Dobinson 1977
  • Pretty 2001
  • Kay v Butterworth

3. Intervening actions by the victim: Which case was this the factual cause for: but for him making sexual advances, she wouldn't have jumped out the car

  • R v Roberts 1972
  • R v Williams 1992
  • R v Pagett 1983

4. Causation: if the 'but for' test is yes, what does it mean?

  • D is not a factual cause
  • D is a factual cause

5. Self-neglect: what was the case where D cut v on his finger but the v ignored medical advice?

  • Holland 1841
  • R v Blaue 1975
  • Adams 1957


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