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Population of 7m, LIDC, 75% work in agriculture. Communist state albeit an ASEAN member since 1997. Net migration loss is 1.1/1000 as of 2014.Remittances much needed, major human trafficking.
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Thailand/Laos Diaspora.
1.3m laos emigrants in Thailand and 20,000 for Laos in 2013.
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Main reasons for emigration (1/2).
Lack of alternative rural opportunities. Insufficient land available for farming and periodic droughts mean Little food security. Strong motivation to follow previous returning emigrants who came back with greater skills/qualifications/ideologies.
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Main reasons for emigration (2/2).
Low education levels therefore lack of opportunity for specialised jobs. Minimum wage in Thailand is 300 baht compared to 80 baht in Laos with the average monthly savings for laos emigrants being 6800 bahts. Migrant remittances being familial income.
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Migration (1/2).
Made easier by familiarity with Thai culture and language, improved access across Mekong River and "brokers" used to access borders and obtain employment in Thailand.
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Migration (2/2).
Laos immigrants from e.g. Vietnam are usually because of employment opportunities in programmes linking countries by highways, bridges and tunnels (e.g. construction/mining).
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Policies (1/2).
Source of human trafficking, nearly 40% of population were under 15 in 2013, many young people were vulnerable to forced labour and sex exploitation in Thailand. This is a major concern for the government and international organisations.
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Policies (2/2).
Government policies are ineffective; youth don't have the necessary passports therefore risk fines on return.
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National Plan of Action for Human Trafficking.
Prevention - Awareness campaigns, education, child protection, alleviation of poverty. Protection - reintegration of returning migrants including shelters for endangered women. Prosecution - checking trafficking networks, training border officials.
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Asean Countries.
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Opportunities (1/2).
Migration corridor between Laos and Thailand stimulates political/economic co-op for investment, trade, security and development. Bilateral Vietnamese relations extend mutual labour migration with over 400 development investments in Laos.
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Opportunities (2/2).
Political relations between Laos, Vietnam and Thailand are improving. Migrant remittances are very crucial with over 20% of the population living under the poverty line and the economic impact of this money is for domestice and agriculture purchase.
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Loss of skilled labour (e.g. carpenters and mechanics) to Thailand, will continue is wage differences stay high. Garment Industry in Laos is largest sector yet growth depends on good work conditions in factors for women who rely on this income.
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Thailand/Laos Diaspora.


1.3m laos emigrants in Thailand and 20,000 for Laos in 2013.

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Main reasons for emigration (1/2).


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Main reasons for emigration (2/2).


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Migration (1/2).


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