Kyokushin karate

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English translation for seiken
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English for upper level
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who was the founder of Kyokushin karate
Musatasu Oyama
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Who is the current leader of our style of karate
Kanchi Matsui
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What is the Honbu
The headquarters
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Japanese word for training hall
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What does seiza mean
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How often can grading examination occur
every three months
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Japanese word for knee kick
Hiza geri
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Number of movements in the first basic kata
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Whata does kiai mean
speed, power
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Japanese for lower level punch
Seiken gedan tsuki
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Forward front kick
Mae geri
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moving backwards
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Japanese for kick
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Six things we know about zenkutso dachi
Two shoulder lengths long, one shoulder length wide, back foot pointed at 60 degrees, lean forward 1cm, shouldnt be able to see your toes, straight back
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Japanese for reinforced double punch
morote uchi uki
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Japanese for roundhouse kick
Mawashi geri
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Height of all punches in the second kata
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Japanese for block
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Japanese for knee joint kick
Kensetsu geri
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Japanese for free fighting stance
shizentai dachi/ Soto hachiji dachi
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Four basic kicks
Mae geri, kin geri, hiza geri, mowashi geri
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Four basic blocks
Soto uke, uchi uke, gedan berai, age uki
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Japanese for elbow strike
HIji ate
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Name of the basic dojo stance
Heisoku dachi
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Name of first kicking kata
Sokugi taik yoku sonu ichi
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Japanese for get ready
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English word for sempai
Teacher/ Master
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Straight and rising kick
Mae keage
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Side rising kick
Yoko keage
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Who is the head of the england kyokushin organisation
Shihan jose claronino
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Four parts of the footused for kicking
Haisoku, chusoku, sokuto, kakato
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Japanese closed parallel stance
Heiko dachi
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Japanese for one foot foward parallel stance
heisoku dachi
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tow stances in the thrid basic kata
Kiba dachi, nebo achi dachi
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Number 11 in japanese
Ju ichi
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What does OSU mean
Patience, respect, and appreciation
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word for stance
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whats does kyokusin mean
ultimate truth
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speed, power
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uke kaeshi
block and retaliate
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English for upper level



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who was the founder of Kyokushin karate


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Who is the current leader of our style of karate


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What is the Honbu


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