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2. Slaby and Frey found?

  • Children at a young age will just copy whatever they see and will relate to that gender
  • Child at a young age may not have the language skills to express themselves/understand due to the lack of mental development maybe
  • Children at a young age don't care enough to understand gender

3. The theory considers social learning theory

  • False
  • True

4. What did the cross cultural study show?

  • That no one goes through the stages that kolberg described
  • It supports the stages of the theory, making it universal and maybe an innate process
  • It doesn't support the stages of the theory making it not universal suggesting it's due to socialisation

5. Why is it reductionist?

  • Ignores every other factor that may effect gender
  • Simplifies explanation, numerous other factors
  • Assumes everyone develops that way


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