Kolberg thresh of gender develpoment

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1. What did the cross cultural study show?

  • That no one goes through the stages that kolberg described
  • It supports the stages of the theory, making it universal and maybe an innate process
  • It doesn't support the stages of the theory making it not universal suggesting it's due to socialisation
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2. Slabyand Frey 1975 found?

  • Girls showed more interest in the female role models ignoring the out-group
  • Children watched male adult models; both genders more with boys than girls. Supports children watching in-group
  • Children watched both role models equally

3. Gender consistency is?

  • 1-3 years old, recoginise either male or female using experience
  • 6-7 onwards, realise gender is permanent, despite changing apperance
  • 3-5 years old, realise gender is consistent overtime

4. What did kolberg believe?

  • That there is no other explanation to gender only his stages
  • That it is universal as every child will go through the stages at the same age
  • That every child will go through the stages in their own time

5. Why is the theory deterministic?

  • Ignores every other factor that may effect gender
  • Assumes everyone develops that way
  • Simplifies explanation, numerous other factors


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