Key Sociologists for the Media Unit Quiz

Match the sociologist to their quotation/perspective on the mass media

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1. Barnes

  • disabled people are presented as sinister, pitiable, pathetic, comedic, sexually abnormal and in need of a miracle cure
  • programmes about homosexuals were constructed by heterosexuals for heterosexuals
  • created the two-step flow model
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2. Marcuse

  • the economic base does have some opinions but these are quashed by the bourgeousie
  • TV programmes, such as soaps, divert attention away from the unfair nature of society
  • media is the new 'opium of the people'

3. Gorman and McLean

  • 7/9 Asian countries studied broadcast more locally produced TV than imported TV
  • globalisation is a more fashionable term for cultural imperialism
  • moral panics, especially the Mods and Rockers

4. Willams

  • fewer large companies increasingly own what we hear, see and read
  • the mass media has been liberated from the media barons
  • media is the new 'opium of the people'

5. Van Dijk

  • the working class are under represented and the upper class are over represented
  • the inner-city riots in the 1980s were made to have a racial element to divert attention from the economic issues
  • women and men have similar skills and abilities in films


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