Keeping healthy

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What is protein used for?
growth and repair
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what are carbohydrates used for?
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what are fats used for?
energy and protection
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what does salt do?
raise blood pressure
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What do enzymes do?
break large molecules into smaller molecules
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How does air travel?
it enters the lungs, down the trachea, through the bronchi, continues through the bronchioles until it reaches the alveoli
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What does alveoli do
it allows oxygen into the bood and carbon dioxide out
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What does mucus do?
traps dirt to stop it from entering the lungs
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What does cilia do?
Brushes mucus up towards the mouth
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What is energy used for?
growth warmth and movement
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Glucose + oxygen= ?
carbon dioxide + water + energy
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How many chambers are there in a heart?
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What are the hearts chambers called?
left and right atria, left and right ventricles
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name 4 ways you can get heart disease
eating high cholesterol food, old age, gender and lack of excersice
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what does pulse measure?
how many times your heart beats in one minute
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what can pulse rate be used for?
measure fitness
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what are carbohydrates used for?



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what are fats used for?


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what does salt do?


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