Irregular Past Participles

These flash cards will help you learn the irregular past particples in french (e.g. dire -> dit)

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avoir (to have)
eu (had)
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boire (to drink)
bu (drunk)
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comprendre (to understand)
compris (understood)
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connaître (to know)
connu (known)
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croire (to believe)
cru (believed)
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devoir (to have to)
dû (had to)
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dire (to say)
it (said)
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écrire (to write)
écrit (written)
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être (to be)
été (been)
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faire (to do)
fait (done)
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lire (to read)
lu (to read)
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mettre (to put)
mis (put)
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ouvrir (to open)
ouvert (open)
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pouvoir (to be able to)
pu (been able to)
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prendre (to take)
pris (taken)
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savoir (to known)
su (known)
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voir (to see)
vu (seen)
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vouloir (to want)
voulu (wanted)
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Card 2


boire (to drink)


bu (drunk)

Card 3


comprendre (to understand)


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Card 4


connaître (to know)


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Card 5


croire (to believe)


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