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2. Who was George Tiller

  • An abortionist
  • A person who killed an abortionist
  • Someone who's wife got an abortion
  • A scholar who was pro-life

3. Where is Abortion Illegal

  • Japan
  • Malta
  • India
  • UK

4. What is the Sanctity of Life

  • The view that human life is sacred and of special value
  • the view that the baby's life is more important than the mother's
  • the view that abortion is allowed
  • the view that abortion is allowed in some circumstances

5. What is Natural Moral Law regards to abortion

  • it is wrong to kill because it says in the Bible 'Do Not Kill"
  • You can chose yourself whether to have an abortion
  • Preserving human life
  • abortion is right because it is natural for mothers to have a choice over there own body


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