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Philosophy Revision
Scholars…read more

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Choose a scholar game
Paley Mill Leibniz
Satre Kant Copleston
Kalam Scholars Descartes Gaunilo
Russell Aristotle Anselm
Aquinas Plato Hume…read more

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Which of the following did
Paley use as a point to qualify
his argument?
· If we had never seen a watch before it
would not weaken the argument as we
know from experience that watches
are designed and made (select)
· If one could see one side of a pair of
scales where an object of ten ounces
was outweighed by a heavier object,
you would not know the weight of the
other object (select)…read more

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Mill suggests that if evil and
suffering exist and natural
disasters occur, God must be...
· Omnipotent (select)
· Limited in power (select)
· Perfect (select)
· Malevolent (select)…read more

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Leibniz's principle of sufficient
reason, which goes against
infinite regression, does not
support which argument?
· Kalam argument (select)
· Cosmological argument of
Copleston (select)
· Plato's forms (select)…read more

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Satre described the universe
as what?
· "brute fact" (select)
· "absurd" (select)
· "malevolent" (select)…read more

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