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2. Which 3 Constituent Elements form the base of the EU?

  • TEU, Charter and Constitution
  • TFEU, Charter and Fundamental Rights
  • TEU, TFEU and Charter
  • TEU, Four Freedoms and Consitution

3. What was wrong with the Nice Treaty?

  • It was an unhappy compromise to keep the Eastern Bloc states out of the EU
  • It was an unhappy compromise to put the Eastern Bloc states in the EU
  • It wasn't ratified
  • It wasn't written properly

4. What did the Single European Act do?

  • Codify the EU
  • Create the Charter
  • Re-Launch the Single Market as an amendment
  • Turn the EEC into the EU

5. What is the EU's legal order based on?

  • Case law from the CJEU
  • A Constitution
  • Treaties
  • Directives




Basic but to the point. Liked it

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