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2. What did Maastricht do?

  • Establish the Charter
  • Establish the EU and rename EEC as a 'pillar' within the EU
  • Dissolve the EEC and create the EU in its place
  • Establish the ECHR and rename the EEC as the EU

3. What year was the Treaty of Amsterdam?

  • 1980
  • 1998
  • 1997
  • 2000

4. What four things comprise the EU's economic models?

  • Economic and Monetary Union, Common Market, Customs Union and Free Movement of Workers
  • Free trade, Customs Union, Common Market, Economic and Monetary Union
  • Citizenship, Free Trade, Customs Union, Common Market
  • Integration, Common Currency, the four Freedoms, Citizenship

5. What happened to the EEC?

  • It became the EU
  • It still exists in the same form, we just don't use it as much
  • It was dissolved, and the new EU was created instead
  • It was dissolved, and some years later they made the EU


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