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2. What did Maastricht do?

  • Establish the EU and rename EEC as a 'pillar' within the EU
  • Establish the ECHR and rename the EEC as the EU
  • Dissolve the EEC and create the EU in its place
  • Establish the Charter

3. What was wrong with the Nice Treaty?

  • It was an unhappy compromise to put the Eastern Bloc states in the EU
  • It wasn't written properly
  • It wasn't ratified
  • It was an unhappy compromise to keep the Eastern Bloc states out of the EU

4. What were the main purposes of the EEC?

  • Integration, Stability and Economic Growth
  • Freedom, Peace and Economic Growth
  • Peace, Stability and Economic Growth
  • Peace, Integration and Economic Growth

5. What year was the EU Constitutional Treaty Ratified?

  • It was never ratified
  • 1999
  • 2004
  • 2005


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