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2. Who agrees the treaties?

  • The CJEU
  • The EU Parliament
  • Member States
  • The Council of Europe

3. What four things comprise the EU's economic models?

  • Citizenship, Free Trade, Customs Union, Common Market
  • Free trade, Customs Union, Common Market, Economic and Monetary Union
  • Integration, Common Currency, the four Freedoms, Citizenship
  • Economic and Monetary Union, Common Market, Customs Union and Free Movement of Workers

4. What did the Single European Act do?

  • Create the Charter
  • Turn the EEC into the EU
  • Re-Launch the Single Market as an amendment
  • Codify the EU

5. What did Amsterdam do?

  • Amend the Economic Policy
  • Amend the Pillar Structure
  • Create the Charter
  • Create the ECHR


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