Intro to International Psychology

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1st experiemental lab
William Wundt, Uni of Leipzig
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'2 psychologies'
Quantitative lab studies/ Qualitative field work
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Paris 1889
International Congress of Psychology
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Yale Uni 1929
First to occur in USA- starts to separate from Europe
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First American psychological society
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how many labs in 1900 in USA?
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Percentage of psychologists that are American
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What percentage of literature is not in English?
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Percentage of literature that's American
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Percentage of literature that's from developing countries
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Results only established through scientific inquiry- stats and numbers
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Constantine et al
Asian women settling into USA college- holistic, subjective methods
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International Psychology
Between the world- sharing knowledge, bidirectional
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Global Psychology
Across countries- unidirectional transfer of same kind of knowledge
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Multicultural psychology
Cultural and ethnic diversity in same social space
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Cross-cultural psychology
Measuring same phenomenon across cultures
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Alternative/ Indigenous psychology
Examining beliefs, knowledge or skills of indigenous people in context
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Growth in Norway, Israel, Spain and Argentina
USA growth slowing down
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2 ways to define developing countries
Economic Indicators- Gross domestic products/ annual per capita income/ difference between rich and poor OR Health indicators- mortality rate
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3 worlds of psychology- USA/ Developed countries/ Developing countries
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Three diversity barriers in UK
Theory, Research, Practice
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High vs Low context communication
High= context varies meaning- Asia/ Low= words carry meaning- Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia
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Saving face
Important in Asia- use context to avoid being direct
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'2 psychologies'


Quantitative lab studies/ Qualitative field work

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Paris 1889


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Yale Uni 1929


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