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2. What was Jock Young's moral panic on?

  • Incest on a pacific island
  • Drug dealers in London
  • Mods and Rockers
  • Black youths and mugging

3. Who criticises labelling theorists for reinforcing the ideas that pimps, prostitutes and the mentally ill are all deviant rather than criminal?

  • Liazos
  • Kitsue
  • Wilkins

4. Who criticised labelling theories for preventing criminals as normal people with a label?

  • Akers
  • Reiss
  • Wilkins

5. Who believes in moral entrepreneurs and moral crusades?

  • Becker
  • Lemert
  • Malinowski




This a great resource which provides a basic review of the interactionist rather interactionalist perspective on crime and deviansce. The options with regards to self assessment are also great and will suit a variety of learners with different learning styles.

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