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2. Who suggested the Importation model?

  • Irwin and Cressey
  • Pauline and Peterson
  • Staub
  • Milgram

3. What study found that when gang members were separated there was a 50% decrease in serious assault rate?

  • Jiang et al.
  • Fischer
  • Pauline and Peterson
  • McCorke et al.

4. What was Staub's theory regarding institutional aggression

  • 5 steps of Genocide
  • Importation model
  • Deprivation Model

5. Issue of Staub's theory

  • Reduces complex theory of institutional aggression to social factors
  • Bystanders intervention doesn’t end genocide as the theory would suggest, intervention of UN in Rwanda's genocide didn’t end or lessen the genocide as 800,000 died in 100 days
  • Mandel said that the theory was Monocausal


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