Information Systems: The Value, Importance And Quality Of Information

A quiz about the value, importance and quality of information. Additional information can be found on the topic in WJEC Information & Communication Technology For AS.

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1. Which of these is not a source information can come from?

  • Internet
  • You can get information from all of these
  • Books
  • Newspapers
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2. Which of these is not a cost of ensuring information is of high quality?

  • Time
  • Marginal
  • Money
  • Human Resources

3. Good information can improve the quality of decision making because:

  • It has user compliance
  • It has user confidence
  • It has user assurance
  • It has user reliance

4. Good information shouldn't be:

  • Up-To-Date
  • Costly
  • Accurate
  • Complete

5. Which of these is not a way good information adds value to an organisation?

  • Giving a competitive advantage
  • Consuming time
  • Allowing the targeting of resources
  • Monitoring progress


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