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2. In order, what is the 4 clinical infectious disease processes?

  • Incubation period, convalescence, invasion period and prodromal period
  • Incubation period, prodromal stage, invasion period and convalescence
  • Prodromal period, invasion period, convalescence and incubation period

3. What is a microorganism?

  • Can be seen by the naked eye
  • Any organism too small to be seen by the naked eye
  • A organism that flows in bloodstream

4. What is the first stage in the progression of infection?

  • Colonisation
  • Invasion
  • Multiplication
  • Spread

5. What is infection?

  • The presence of microorganisms causing damage to body tissues
  • The result of bacteria entering the body via only a cut in the skin
  • An Infection can only affect one part of the body at one time


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