Individual Differences

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1. How did Baron-Cohen Validate the eyes task?

  • By using a control group
  • Participants also took Happe's Strange Stories test
  • By using people with Tourette's syndrome
  • Participants were tested on Theory of Mind
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2. What does the Individual Differences area consider?

  • That people interact according to similarities
  • That there are differences between people
  • That personality affects behaviour

3. What Research Method did Freud use?

  • Controlled Observation
  • Case Study
  • Observation
  • Quasi Experiment

4. What kind of data did Freud collect

  • Interviews
  • Qualitatative
  • Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Quantitative

5. Why did Little Hans fear horses?

  • Because he once got bit by one
  • Because he was afraid of his father
  • Because he suffered castration anxiety
  • Because they are big


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