who was the vicerory appointed by
british government at westminster so it was a political appointment
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What was the job of the viceroy?
To govern India and was a representive of queen victoria
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What did the viceory have?
700 staff to make sure his work and living condiitons were better and that his salary was tweice that of the UK prime minister
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Council of India?
15 men, none of whom were indian, but had lived and worked in india a very long time ago, this meant that there information was sometimes out of date
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Who was the secrtry of state picked by?
COuncil of india
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Curzon's background?
Travelled and wrote about India, he developed passion for indian archaeology and culture
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Where had curzon worked before?
He worked in Whitehall as under secretary of state for india 1981-92 and forgien office 1892-95
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Independent ruler
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What did Curzon do?
He created a NW frontier in 1901, he moved control of the railway from department of public works to his own bored enabling 6,000 more miles to be laid in 1905.
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Buffer zone?
removed uk troops who were creating tension along the Afghan border who were under uk command.
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Why did he create the NW Froniter?
To seperare the Punjab and to create more direct resonsibility
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What was conviced by?
That the russians were moving into Tibet
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What two things did Curzon want?
India's terroity less vunerable to external threats and to make UK view on india being more respected
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Indian Currency
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When was the parition of bengal
October 1905
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How many people were in bengal?
78 milion
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What was the reaction of the Partition of bengal?
Riots broke out as hindus were outraged by divide and rule. Muslims were happy as they had to majority in the east so provded them with a power base
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What was the aim of the parition of bengal? What did curzon do to achieve this aim?
To create a muslim dominated and hindu dominated area, Curzon dived the 80mn in between bengal. Creating east and west
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Capital of East bengal?
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Capital of West Bengal?
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How many were living in the west?
42 milloin Hindus and 4 million Muslims
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How many living in the east?
12 million Hindus, 18 million Muslims
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what was the national protest against bengal?
Swedish, boycotted where they didnt buy good from the uk and lanchashire cotton mill was burned pubically
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what did the partition of bengal lead to?
Curzons resigination
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what would u have to do if you wanted a job in the Indian Civil service?
Pass a competitive exam and then spend time in india working with a district officer
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What did the 1961 indian council act say?
That the viceory to set up provinal legistlative counvils. The members of the council were chosen by the government.
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Who was lord Ripon
Viceroy 1880-84
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What did Lord Ripon introuduce in 1883
Self government plan, this offered a way of saving money. The boards would be elected out of the government if they were caught spending too much money
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Who was sectary of state in 1905?
John Morley
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Who become viceory in 1910?
Lord Hardinge
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Who attended the first meeting of the indian national congress?
73 representatives from every province of british india met in calcultta. Most of those who went were high caste hindus
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How long did the first meeting of the Indian national congress last for?
3 days
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What did it say it wanted?
Widen the government, open it up to indians and give them the oppourntities, wealth of india to be spent on improvements rather than army and abolish secretary of state as was viewed as waste
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Self rule
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Who set up asking for home rule?
Annie Besant and Tilk who were congress members
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