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2. A voltage is produced when

  • a soft iron bar moves in a coil of wire
  • a magnet moves in a coil of wire
  • a magnet touches a coil of wire

3. How do we find the direction of movement, magnetic field and current in a generator?

  • Use the RIGHT hand grip
  • Use Fleming's RIGHT hand rule
  • Use Fleming's LEFT hand rule

4. Which of these is NOT a way to increase the induced voltage in a GENERATOR?

  • turning the magnet/coil faster
  • increase the current through the wires
  • using a magnet with a stronger magnetic field
  • having more turns and an iron core in the coil

5. In a GENERATOR the brushes connect the spinning slip rings to

  • the external circuit
  • the coil
  • the magnetic field where the coil spins inside it


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