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2. Why do the national grid use transformers to REDUCE THE CURRENT?

  • When a large current flows through a wire lots of energy is lost as heat
  • Large currents cost a lot of money to create
  • When a large current flows through a wire it reduces the speed of transfer of electricity

3. Which of these is NOT a way to increase the induced voltage in a GENERATOR?

  • increase the current through the wires
  • using a magnet with a stronger magnetic field
  • turning the magnet/coil faster
  • having more turns and an iron core in the coil

4. In a TRANSFORMER an alternating _______ is applied to the primary coil. This causes an alternating magnetic field to be set up in the core. Because the secondary coil is within the magnetic field it induces an alternating _______. What is the missing word

  • charge
  • voltage
  • current

5. In a GENERATOR the slip rings are connected to

  • the external circuit
  • the coil
  • the magnetic field where the coil spins inside it


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