Il pleut de cords
It rains cats and dogs
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Il est casse-pieds
He's annoying
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C'est barbant á mourir
It's unbelievably boring
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C'est la vie
It's life
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Quelle horreur
How horrible
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Quel dommage
What a shame
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Quelle chance
How lucky
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C'est le top du top
It's the best
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J'en ai marre
I'm fed up
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Je suis crevé(e)
I'm really tired
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Ca ne sert á rien
It's pointless
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Ce n'est pas la mer á boire
It's not asking much
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C'est le pied
It's awesome
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On ne sait jamais
One never knows
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Ca vaut la peine de
It's worth it to
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Card 2


He's annoying


Il est casse-pieds

Card 3


It's unbelievably boring


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Card 4


It's life


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Card 5


How horrible


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