Job Interview Vocab and Phrases

Job Interview - Vocabulary and Useful high level Phrases

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Useful Vocabulary
Conversation about a job To apply for a job: poser sa candidature
pour / à un poste
Interviewer: So why did you decide to apply
for this job ? I've always wanted to work in this
sector: J'ai toujours voulu travailler dans ce
Candidate: Well, I've always wanted to work secteur
in this sector and I feel I have the right profile my background is in administration:
and experience for the post. mon expérience est dans l'administration
I.: Tell me a bit about your experience. In my previous job I was responsible
for: dans mon précédent poste, j'étais
C.: Well, my background is in administration. responsible de ...
In my previous job I was responsible for the
day-to-day running of a small but busy office. the day-to-day running of the office: la
I'm keen to work in a larger organization which gestion quotidienne du bureau
will allow me to develop my existing skills and I'm keen to work: je suis impatient de
take on new responsibilities. travailler
I.: This job involves working under pressure to develop one's existing skills:
and to tight deadlines. How would you cope développer ses compétences actuelles
with that ?
under pressure: sous une certaine
C.: Well, I enjoy a challenge and work better pression
under pressure. But I believe in proper planning to tight deadlines: dans des délais serrés
and time management to get the job done
efficiently. proper planning and time
management: une bonne planification et
I.: What has been your biggest problem in your une bonne gestion du temps
work to date ?
get the job done efficiently: être
C.: Well, when I took up the post of office efficace dans son travail
manager everyone was spending too much time take up a post: assumer un poste
in meetings which seemed to go on for ever. I reschedule a meeting: changer l'heure
rescheduled our meetings to just before lunch d'une réunion
and they started to go much quicker. Productivity
went right up and earned me a pay rise. So my pay rise: hausse de salaire
biggest problem turned out to be my greatest
achievement ... turned out to be my greatest
achievement: ... s'est avéré ma plus
grande réussite
More job interview idioms
What are your ambitions ?: Quelles sont vos ambitions ?
My particular specialization is in ... : Je suis particulièrement compétent en ...
I'm a good team player : je travaille bien en équipe
I'm able to work both to a brief and on my own initiative : je peux aussi bien travailler
en suivant des directives ou de manière autonome

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I have good written and oral communication skills : je suis bon en communication écrite
et orale
I have developed strong leadership skills: j'ai de bonnes compétences pour diriger
I'm experienced in problem solving: j'ai une bonne expérience pour résoudre les
I have good organizational skills: je suis quelqu'un de très organisé
I'm able to accept responsibility : je sais assumer les responsabilités
This would be a unique opportunity for me : cela représenterait pour moi une occasion
I would welcome the chance…read more


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