ICT systems and their components

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What is ICT?
Use of technology for the input, processing, storage and transfer of data and the output of information
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What is a system?
Three basic stages – Inputs, Processes and Output
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Give an example of a system
Photos from camera ->Edited on computer ->Improved pictures
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Define input
Data that is entered via an input device such as keyboard
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Define processing
The calculations, queries and other operations that are performed on the data
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Define output
The results of the processing that are sent to an output device such as a monitor
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Define ICT systems
Where the output from the system goes directly to a human being or into another ICT system
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What are the 6 components of an ICT system?
People, data, procedures, software, hardware and information
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Explain the people component
Involved at every stage of a development, with no ICT system able to function with the input of human interaction. Large organisations split work up between departments. These include sales, purchasing, finance and operations
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Define data
Raw facts and figures or a set of values. Information without context
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Give an example of data
13, 25, 54, 78
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Explain the data component of an ICT system
System will not compute properly if it does not have the fundamental building block of data to build on. Can be input in a variety of ways, from keyboards, bar-code readers, scanners and cameras
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Explain the procedures component
Codes of practice and rules as to how the ICT system can be used. Is governed by laws . Correct procedure is followed to ensure data reliability is upheld and all information is kept safe
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Explain the software component
Used to carry out processes. Office suites, video editing software, photoshop, etc
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Explain the hardware component
Computer and hardware peripherals are dependent on the type of processing and output intended for a task. These include : storage space, processing power, output devices such as laser printers
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Explain the information component
Information is data that has been processed, in order to give it meaning. A chart or graph to show annual snowfall in a mountain range
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Give an example of information
Ages=13, 25, 54, 78
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What is a system?


Three basic stages – Inputs, Processes and Output

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Give an example of a system


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Define input


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