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1. Which of the following statements explains why you chose the software for the task?

  • The application automatically adds borders to text
  • The application automatically adds a footer.
  • The application presents data quickly and efficiently
  • The application automatically adds the date.
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2. Which of the following would identify strengths in your final work?

  • The completed document is spell checked, proof read and presented to a high standard.
  • Adding less data to make the chart smaller
  • Drawing horizontal lines to underline text
  • Saving the document using numbers as filenames.

3. Which of the following is a benefit in the workplace of using IT tools and systems in terms of business productivity?

  • The printer is always switched on making printing quicker
  • Storing and retrieving information is fast and efficient.
  • You no longer need to back up data as work is automatically saved.
  • Errors are no longer made.

4. Which of the following would improve your work?

  • Not backing up work
  • Spell checking and proof reading
  • Applying different coloured titles to each page.
  • Saving files with irrelevant filenames

5. Which of the following is a legal consideration when using IT?

  • Data protection laws do not apply if the company employs less than 25 people.
  • Ensuring that any software you use is licensed.
  • Other people’s software is free of charge to use.
  • Copyright law only exists if you are photocopying









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