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1. how do plant fertilisers increase crop yield?

  • fertilisers replace essential elements used by previous crop / provide extra essential elements + used to build plant amino acids
  • they contain potassium
  • fertilisers contain essential minerals
  • fertilisers contain essential nutrients
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2. explain one way animals bodies are adapted to reduce heat loss

  • thick fur insulates by trapping air particles
  • hair traps heat
  • behavioural adaptations such as migration
  • counter current exchange systems such as hooves

3. why is high pressure needed?

  • makes the temperature higher
  • increases of yield
  • speeds up reaction
  • reduces activation activity

4. Explain how proteins in the leaves change into nitrates

  • proteins become acids that become nitrates
  • leaves decay then ammonia forms nitrifying bacteria converting into ammonia nitrate
  • they shrivel into nitrates
  • they become nitrates from proteins

5. The energy is faeces can be used by other organisms, describe how?

  • eaten by decomposers
  • broken down by decomposers such as beetles or insects
  • used as manure
  • eaten by animals


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