Possible questions for P7, C7, B7

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Triple Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Unit 3, Higher tier: Question 1
Preliminary questions 2010
Note: These questions are not intended to be exhaustive and it is anticipated that you will
add to them and edit them to meet the particular needs of your students. Any additional
questions or activities requiring the interpretation of data in tables, graphs or diagrams
will be very useful. Students will need to be familiar with and to fully understand scientific
concepts detailed in the relevant section of the specification.
The Ideas about Science (IaS) are detailed in the specification under relevant modules
and also in appendix F. It is suggested you refer particularly to the relevant IaS,
including all key vocabulary, when preparing students - although be aware that questions
could be based on any IaS. Grade C+ students will be expected to have understanding,
including factual knowledge, from the relevant module. The IaS are:
1. Data and their limitations
2. Correlation and cause
3. Developing explanations
4. The scientific community
5. Risk
6. Making decisions about science and technology
The numbers in brackets after the questions refer
to the appropriate area of `Ideas about Science'
It is essential that students are able to both use accurately and to explain their
ideas clearly using HSW vocabulary
Oxfordshire Science Centre [email protected]

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Biology - Unit 3: Ideas in Context plus B7
Extract from OCR examiners report 2009, Biology, (Higher Tier): Question 1
Most candidates performed well on this paper and had been well prepared for the examination. Most
centres had clearly used the pre release material to their full advantage and had prepared their
students to answer the questions. Most candidates were very good at referring to the pre release
material in their answers. There was no evidence that any candidates ran out of time.…read more

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Chemistry - Unit 3: Ideas in Context plus C7
Extract from OCR examiners report 2009, Chemistry, (Higher Tier): Question 1
The majority of candidates could extract simple ideas and information from the article. Most of the
more able candidates were also able to use their knowledge and understanding to process information
from the article and formulate acceptable answers to some of the more complex questions.…read more

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Physics - Unit 3: Ideas in Context plus P7
Extract from OCR examiners report 2009, Physics, (Higher Tier): Question 1
The higher tier paper is designed to test the knowledge and skills of candidates performing at grades C
to A*. It was a pleasure to see many candidates demonstrating an excellent grasp of the concepts, ideas
and knowledge required for the exam. Clearly most candidates were well prepared for the exam and
took the opportunity to show their knowledge and understanding.…read more


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