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2. Problems can arise with railway steel track from changes in temperature. Small gaps are left between each rail section to allow for changes in length. Which of the following is TRUE about the steel rails and change in temperature?

  • expansion happens when the steel atoms lose vibration energy
  • if no gap is made the rail can get longer becoming dangerously distorted
  • on average the rail track will contract more in the summer than the winter
  • on average the gap will be smaller in the winter than the summer

3. Which best describes what happens to the particles of water when it evaporates

  • They lose energy and lose freedom to move about
  • They lose energy and escape into the atmosphere
  • The higher kinetic energy particles increase their freedom to move without significant attraction
  • They gain energy and gain freedom to move about

4. Which temperature could be that of a bread oven?

  • 150oC
  • 1oC
  • 28oC
  • 37oC

5. Which of the following terms applies to the formation of rain drops?

  • melting
  • condensation
  • freezing
  • evaporation


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