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Wind energy
For Against
Creates renewable Doesn't reduce emissions to a
energy. great extent.
Don't need workers. Takes up a lot of space, hole
made for a turbine is equivalent
to the volume of a 25m
swimming bath.
Always produces energy. There are emissions produced in
the production of turbines.
Environment friendly. Wind turbines in Altamont Pass in
California have on average killed
200-300 Redtail Hawks.
No pollution. Ruins the atmospheric landscape.
Better than coal or Emissions produced as the
nuclear power stations. workers travel their and back.
Nuclear energy
For Against
More suited to our Similar to burning coal.
energy demands.
Don't need to rely on Not renewable.
wind, water or sun.
World's largest source of Uranium releases heat to boil the
emission ­ free energy. water.
Doesn't produce air Produces nuclear waste, this can
pollutants. be unstable and unsafe.


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