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2. Which of the following phrases about heat transfer properties best matches the use of a plastic handle for a fryingpan?

  • poor reflector of heat radiation
  • good absorber of heat radiation
  • poor reflector of heat radiation
  • good conductor of heat

3. Which best describes what happens to the particles of water when it evaporates

  • The higher kinetic energy particles increase their freedom to move without significant attraction
  • They lose energy and escape into the atmosphere
  • They gain energy and gain freedom to move about
  • They lose energy and lose freedom to move about

4. Which of the following types of heat transfer matches cooling by sweating?

  • conduction
  • radiation
  • evaporation
  • convection

5. Which temperature could be that of a bread oven?

  • 150oC
  • 28oC
  • 37oC
  • 1oC


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