Gillis and Nafekh

Revision for the Gillis and Nafekh study in the After A Guilty Verdict topic, Imprisonment.

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1. The method was a content analysis of the correctional service of which country's database?

  • Canada
  • Iceland
  • USA
  • Britain
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2. What was the title of the Gillis and Nafekh study?

  • The effects of prison-based employment on re-offending
  • The affects of prison-based employment on offending
  • The effects of community-based employment on re-offending
  • The affects of community-based employment on re-offending

3. The sample was divided into two groups, what were the groups?

  • Under 35 | Over 35
  • Previous history of re-offending | No previous history of re-offending
  • Employed upon release | Not employed upon release
  • Male | Female

4. Are employed women more likely to remain on conditional release until the end of their sentence than unemployed women?

  • Yes
  • No

5. How many participants on conditional release did the database start with?

  • 49,980
  • 75,080
  • 23,500
  • 13,800


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