Imprisonment: Gillis and Nafekh - Impact of community-based employment on offender reintergration

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  • Gillis & Nafekh - community based employment and offender reintergration
    • effect of recidivism rates of a community based employment scheme
    • Federal offenders conditionally released Jan 1998- Jan 2005
      • 23,500 individuals - 95% male
    • Content analysis -  Canada's Offender Management System
    • Matched pairs design
      • employed or unemployed prior to release
      • gender, risk level, release year
      • sentence length, substance abuse, etc
    • Time to get employment on the outside
      • 6 months men
      • 10 months women
    • Employment programmes prior to finishing
      • more likely to remain on conditional release
      • 70% employed group remained conditional release
    • Conclusion
      • employment based programmes important
        • help offenders integrate back into society
      • Offenders with severe deficits in learning - offered more suitable programming
      • Prison: poor record for reducing re-offending
        • 64.7% re-convicted within 2yrs


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